Block Collider is designed for experienced traders and engineers. Use with caution.

Mineable interoptability protocol for blockchains.

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    Mining Bitcoin after 2009 secures transfers without banks. Mining Block Collider after 2019 secures trading without exchanges.

    Individuals mining Block Collider are creating a "blockchain of blockchains" or multichain which is an immutable record of all cross-chain transactions. Mined interoptability protocols protect users from validator cartels, relay & staking collusion, and oracle blackmail.

  • Dual-coin economy, "Emblems" (EMB) and Non-Relational Graphs" (NRG).
  • Two consumer applications are built on the protocol Borderless and unreleased Overline.
  • 300M EMB total, 100M EMB locked in equity in Borderless Services.
  • No premine, 2 NRG mined per block (without EMB), 9.8 Billion NRG will be created over 40 years.
  • Emblems are synthetic computational power. Miners who own EMB earn more NRG per block and can create bigger blocks.
  • Public mining of "BT" was conducted from May 2018 to January 2019 for 1.8 million blocks.
  • Public mining of "AT" begins in February 2020. Extended timeline is in the roadmap.

  • Trade BTC, ETH, USDT, WAV, LSK, NEO, DAI, and Tether Gold.
  • All trades are anonymous, no accounts, open to anyone with an internet connection. No fees, no deposit/withdrawal limits.
  • 5 second block time.
  • All proof-of-work mining, uses new algorithm Proof-Of-Distance based on the inner product of vectors.
  • Interblockchain meta-contracts writen in Timble language.
  • 5 blockchains, 1 hidden blockchain, any blockchain can be added, algorithm agnostic.
  • Supports partial orders. No atomic swaps. Spot rate settlements in sub 3 seconds.
  • DEXs built on Ethereum, Tron, and EOS can be upgraded to use Block Collider. No dependency on validators, hosted orderbooks, or oracles.
  • Hiring Rust and Node.js backend developers.

Read the white paper ( ), join the mailing list, review the source code, and follow @blockcollider.

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